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Edmonton Team Kennedy- Seller Guide 2024

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SellerhandbookYour guide to selling your home

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Both born and raised Edmontonians, where they raised their four boys, Jennifer and Sheldon are excitednow to be working with two of their sons and daughter in law as Team Kennedy! Working as a team in threedifferent cities ( Edmonton, Calgary and Nelson BC ) Team Kennedy has the Alberta - BC connectionscovered! With over 20 years experience working in up and down markets, one thing the Kennedys have learned aboutmarketing homes is that you can’t be all things to all buyers, but you can be the right home to the rightbuyer. “This brings a whole new meaning to target marketing. Just as buyers generally know what they arelooking for – so too should sellers know who they are going to be selling to."The Kennedys believe in top quality marketing for all homes no matter the price point. “People like nicethings, they like to buy nice things – and to that extent the marketing of a home should reflect that samemantra. Whether it be high quality professional real estate photography, custom floor plans, staging, printand online design work – it all should be high quality. And the cherry on top is bringing all these marketingpieces together in order to source the right buyer for your property.” Bringing buyers and sellers together inan authentic way has always been the hallmark of the Kennedys' 20 plus years working in the real estateindustry in Edmonton and area. “We always look forward to the opportunity to connect the real estate dotsfor our clients. And no dots are the same. And we like it that way!” For all your real estate needs – don’tforget to #CallTheKennedys!Jennifer & Sheldon L I C E N S E D R E A L T O R S ®CALL T H E K ENNED Y S jen@teamkennedy.ca780.920.0709 sheldon@teamkennedy.caAbout us...Fair RealtyFair Realty has been around since 2002 and has grown to one of largest independent Real EstateBrokerages in British Columbia with over 18 offices and over 100 agents. Team Kennedy is excited to bringthe Fair Realty connection to Alberta! With offices in Edmonton and Calgary and growing!Fair Realty is a forward thinking brand that prides itself on making deep connections with thecommunities they serve. And making those connections are key to bringing together buyers and sellersfrom near or far. This is a fabulous opportunity to bring together B.C. and Alberta buyers and sellers. Albertans LOVE tovacation and retire in BC and just wait until those BC investors see how much value there is in Albertareal estate. This presents a win win opportunity for all! Jennifer & Sheldon Kennedy

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TEAM KENNEDYFAIR REALTYt o Y o uOur CommitmentAs your representative, we commit:To Guide You From Start to SoldResearch your area and provide an in-depth competitivemarket analysis that will determine the best listing pricefor your propertyProvide you with a trusted network of recommendationsfor all services you will need during the selling processTimely presentation and response to all offersKeep your needs in mind and negotiate the best priceand terms on your behalfAssist you in making informed decisions to achieve asatisfactory saleTo Offer Professional, Reliable ServiceAll representation will be carried out in good faithTimely response to emails, texts, and phone callsFollow your directions and faithfully represent your concernsAdhere to all deadlines and important datesTo Be AccountableRecord the receipt of Earnest-Money Deposit duringacceptance of an offerObtain and deliver all documents promptlyReview all settlement documents with youTo Prioritize YouWe will ensure you are fully informed at all timesYour information will be kept confidential, even after thesale has completedYour interest will be placed above all others

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The InnerWorkings ofHome Selling0102030405AN EASY GUIDE TO SELLINGBE PREPAREDTHE ART OF NEGOTIATIONARE THEY… THE ONE?CLOSING THOUGHTSInitial Tour & Listing Appointment | Pre-Launch | Launch Day |Buyer Prospecting | ClosingFirst Impressions Matter | Be Show Ready Every Day | Those“It” Factors | Handy HandbooksAcceptance | Inspection | AppraisalYour Closing Checklist | The Final Closing Process | The Costsof Closing | Post-Close Reminders

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An Easy Guideto Selling01INITIAL TOURSometimes called Research & Discovery, we will tour your property and provide insights for how to set your sale upfor success. We may also discuss initial marketing strategies and will walk you through the selling process.LISTING APPOINTMENTOnce we have completed a Comparative MarketAnalysis, we will meet again to determine the final listprice, discuss your expectations, and sign the listingdocuments that create the listing contract.PRE-LAUNCHAfter our listing appointment, we will make thenecessary arrangements to prepare your home for sale.Marketing photography, signage, and lock boxes will becollected and installed so we will be ready to launch.LAUNCH DAYWe are ready to go live! Your listing will becomeaccessible to all prospective buyers, signage will beinstalled and all agreed upon marketing will bedistributed.04 | AN EASY GUIDE TO SELLING

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BUYER PROSPECTINGYour property will be marketed through all availablechannels, and marketing will continue until an offer isaccepted.INSPECTIONSDepending on the Buyer's mortgage lender, your homewill likely undergo a series of inspections. It is best to beout of the house for these. We will guide you throughany potential post-contract negotiations resulting fromthe inspector’s findings.LOAN COMMITMENTSYour property will undergo an appraisal by the lender toensure the Buyer is not overpaying. Furtherdocumentation will be collected and verified to proceedwith closing the sale.CLOSING PREPARATIONSWe must ensure all lender and Buyer requirements aremet before the closing deadline. We will provide anyremaining documents and your lawyer will contact youto schedule the official closing appointment. Your lawyerwill review the final figures before the appointment.There will likely be a final walkthrough by the Buyerbefore possession date.CLOSINGDuring the appointment, the conveyancer will determine what fees are owed by whom and prepare your finalclosing documents. The closing will ensure all fees are paid, the seller receives the money owed, and that the title istransferred to the buyer.NEGOTIATIONS & AGREEMENTWhen an offer is made, we will help you determine thebest course of action and respond accordingly until anagreement is reached.05 | AN EASY GUIDE TO SELLINGWe will be with you every step!

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02AN INVITING EXTERIORBePreparedCurb appeal is crucial. Be sure to keep your lawn neatand tidy, weed-free, and water it regularly. You mightalso consider planting a flower garden if you do not haveone already. But, if you do, be sure to maintain it, andtrim shrubs or bushes so they do not become unruly. 06 | BE PREPARED • FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTEREntice buyers to take a closer lookby following this simple guide!FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTERClean the home's exterior, pressure wash the siding, andclean the gutters. Inspect the exterior for damage. Complete any exteriorrepairs that detract from the appeal - cracked foundation,crooked gutters, uneven pathways, loose siding, missingshingles, chipped paint, peeling caulking, or crumblingsteps. Remember to reseal the driveway if needed. Refresh your front door with a new coat of paint! A wreath and a new mat may help make it look moreinviting.Replace faded house numbers making it easy to findyour property when buyers visit.Is your home listed through the Winter months?Be sure to keep your driveway and pathwaysclear at all times. You never know when apotential buyer might request a showing!

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Clean, organize, and declutter every room. Your spacewill appear bigger and it will help prospective buyersenvision their belongings in the home. Disorganizedclosets and storage rooms will make it difficult for buyersto determine if the storage space will suit their needs.07 | BE PREPARED • FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTERINTERIOR PREPARATIONSSimplify and depersonalize. Stick to tasteful, neutraldécor choices and store personal items.It should sparkle! Maintain the cleanliness of all spaces,from top to bottom, throughout the selling period. Considerhiring professional cleaners or renting a carpet cleaner. Inspect the interior for damage and complete repairs.Cracks, water damage, leaks, holes, damaged windows,peeling wallpaper, and stains should all be taken care ofbefore buyers have access to view your home.Refresh your paint! Work with neutral tones to appeal toa wide range of buyers. If you are thinking of replacingany flooring, the same suggestion applies. Remember,not everyone loves crimson as much as you do!If your spaces are open and connected, tie themtogether with accent items. For example, a set ofyellow throw pillows in the living room would benicely accented by a bowl of citrus in the kitchen.Neutralize any bad odors. You do not need to bakecookies before every showing, but your space should notsmell unwelcoming.It shouldsparkle!

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08 | BE PREPARED • BE SHOW READY EVERY DAYWipe down all surfaces in yourbathroom and kitchen daily. Alltowels should match and be cleanand tidyBE SHOW READY EVERY DAYMake sure all beds are madebefore you leaveLeave all blinds and curtains openVacuum, sweep, and dustEnsure there are no lingeringodors — including cleaners andair freshenersLeave the thermostat at acomfortable temperatureLeave all dining chairs pushed in;throws and pillows should bestraight and aestheticallypositionedPut away pet dishes, mats andbeds

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SHOWINGS & UPDATESWEEKLY UPDATES:09 | BE PREPAREDWeeklyupdateVirtual tour stats Weekly update MLS activity WeeklyupdateALL SHOWINGACTIVITYWe usually ask for a day's notice - however, on weekends,we may only get a few hours notice. Your agent willtext/call the date and time of the showing.You will thenconfirm with a yes or offer another time that works -please let your agent know of any times that do not workor any vacation dates you will be away.At the time of the showing, you will get an emailconfirmation showing when the agent has gone in andwhen the agent has finished the showing; please notethat sometimes there is a time delay.First showings typically take 10-15 minutes,second showings are a bit longer. Your REALTOR® will contact Showing Agents within 24hours for feedbackwhichwill be forwarded to you.

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While the aesthetic appeal of your home is vital,there are a few other factors that determine thesalability of your home.10 | BE PREPARED • THOSE "IT" FACTORSTHOSE “IT” FACTORSDoes your property stand out? In a busy market, yourhome needs to shine in the crowd. We will do our bestto guide you in the best direction in this regard. It isimportant to note that the condition of your property,both aesthetically and functionally, certainly comes intoplay here.What is the condition of your property? Is it like new, ordoes your roof need to be replaced next year, or wereyou the victim of a recent flood? Do you have all thelegal documents required for sale, or are there issueswith your title? Do you have a lien or claim against yourproperty? Is it the right price? Your listing price is crucial. Doesyour home seem worth the price it is listed at? Is itconsiderably higher or lower than the rest of yourneighbors? You can trust us to advise you on setting aprice that is both fair and strategic.Is it a Buyers or Seller's market? The state of the RealEstate market is a substantial contributing factor tosalability. These are constantly in motion, and we use ourexpertise to help you navigate your expectations.Are we leveraging our marketing? The only thing ascontrollable as home staging is our marketing! The moreexposure, the better, and you can trust us to do our best foryou and use as many of our marketing channels aspossible.

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11 | BE PREPARED • HANDY HANDBOOKSWe know you kept all thatpaperwork for a reason!Now is your chance todust off your manuals andreceipts to have themavailable in case aprospective buyer asks toreview them. And do notworry, it’s okay if they do!HANDY HANDBOOKSBoth the Buyer and Seller will incurvarious fees over the course of thesale. For the Seller, these feestypically include:Mortgage discharge orprepayment, if requiredUnpaid taxes, fines, or claimsagainst your propertyUnpaid survey or assessment feesTitle Insurance Home WarrantyReal Estate CommissionLawyer’s feesBut wait! Are you selling a condo or townhome?There may be restrictions or policies to govern the sale of yourproperty, so be sure to check in with your HOA or condobylaws. If you have any relevant information from your HOA,such as assessments, certifications, or covenants, be sure toinclude those in case your buyer requests them.

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The Art ofNegotiation03As Buyers begin to take notice of your property, it isimportant to keep a few things in mind:DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSEDisclose everything. Share all known defects about your home. Being openand proactive with your prospective buyer might feel awkward at first, but itcan save you costly legal troubles down the road.RESPECT YOUR PRIORITIES AND THEIRSYou have to look out for yourself, but it is essential to understand that yourbuyer may be nervous! They are considering their future in your property andmay ask many questions to try and avoid as many unknowns as possible.12 | THE ART OF NEGOTIATIONASK YOUR OWN QUESTIONSQuestion any terminology you do not understand. Your lawyer and I are hereto represent your best interests, so if you have any questions about yourcontract, from dollars to verbiage, do not hesitate to ask.AVOID DELAYED RESPONSESIf you do not reply promptly to requests, offers or counter offers, you couldrisk losing your buyer.SPLIT COSTSDon’t get hung up about trivial costs and expenses. It’s better tocompromise and keep moving.BREATHENegotiations can be difficult. Do not let a tense situation get the better ofyou.

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13 | THE ART OF NEGOTIATION THE OFFER When an offer is made, we will contactyou to present the offer. Be assured thatwe will have your best interest at heart,and guide you through every step. STEP 1: PRESENTATION OF OFFER If we have several offers, we will arrange a time wherewe can present the offers in person and guide youthrough making the best decision. If we have not set atime, we will call you once an offer has been made. STEP 2: NEGOTIATION & ACCEPTANCETerms are typically negotiated verbally once the initialoffer has been reviewed. Once all parties have come toan agreement, the offer is amended, and all changes areinitialed and signed by all parties. STEP 4: DEPOSITThe buyer will deliver the deposit to the lawyer or theirBrokerage trust account where it will be held in trustuntil possession.STEP 3: DUE DILIGENCE Congratulations! Now that you have an accepted offeron your home you begin the due diligence or conditionperiod. An offer will typically have two conditions,financing & home inspection. The due diligence periodtypically allows the buyer 10-14 days to satisfy theirconditions. During this period the buyer will submit thepurchase contract to their mortgage broker for approvaland appraisal. The buyer will also schedule a homeinspection.

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0414 | ARE THEY... THE ONE?AreThey…TheOne?Now that you have anaccepted offer, here is asnapshot of the nextsteps in the sellingprocess:INSPECTIONThe most significant impact on your home sale is the inspection. YourBuyer will contract a home inspector to review the condition of your homeclosely. Even if it is not required by law, the Buyer still has the right to hireone. You will be asked to leave for the agreed-upon time for the inspection.The duration depends on the size of your home, but these can typically last1 to 3 hours. Following the inspection, you may receive a counter offer onthe sale contract if the inspector finds any unforeseen defects that need tobe repaired or replaced. You may choose which issues to address by eithermaking repairs or offering a reduction to the price at your discretion. Anydefects that affect health and safety should be considered a priority.APPRAISALSeparately from the inspection, the buyer will likely need an appraisal tosecure their mortgage. This is for the lender’s peace of mind, to ensure thatthe lender is not financing the home for more than it’s worth. Whether theresult comes in at value or not, we will assist you in making the right moves ifaction is required. SATISFIED? Once the buyer has satisfied their conditions, they will waive theirconditions and the sale becomes firm. You are now officially SOLD andtheir deposit is secured, if however, the buyer cannot satisfy theirconditions the deposit is returned.

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set out house keys,fobs, mailbox keysand any other keysthat go with thehousecollect all garagedoor openers orfobs 05Closing ThoughtsYou are almost there! This is the final leg of the home selling journey! It is time tofinalize the sale and make it real. Once the title is transferred and you receive payment,it will all be official!YOUR CLOSINGCHECKLIST:THE FINAL CLOSING PROCESSBy reviewing your contract of sale, the conveyancer can determine what feesare owed by whom and prepare your final closing documents. Conductingthe closing will also involve ensuring all fees are paid, the seller receives themoney owed, and the title is transferred .THE COSTS OF CLOSINGBoth the Buyer and Seller will incur various fees over the course of thesale. For the Seller, these fees typically include:Mortgage discharge or prepayment, if requiredUnpaid taxes, fines, or claims against your propertyUnpaid survey or assessment feesTitle Insurance Home WarrantyReal Estate CommissionLawyer’s feesREMINDERS IN PREPERATION FOR CLOSINGHire/reserve a moving truck > Notify your insurance provider of the sale > Cancel utilities > Notify the post office> Keep all sale documents 15 | CLOSING THOUGHTS

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Marketing Plan | What Comes Next The following is a chronological timeline of the marketing of your home 1.Listing paperwork is signed - copy is sent to you for your files2. Lockbox is installed on the property: this records when a Realtor enters and leaves theproperty. You will get an email showing the name, company, time of entry and duration ofshowing. This can be very helpful in terms of knowing when the showing is done and length oftime for each showing. 3. Photography is booked: this will take about 1.5hours. We will be doing photos - inside and out,a 3D photo tour and creating a floor plan of the home. We only do high quality photography -balanced lighting is the key! The windows are the eye of the home - and we should be able to seethe outside as brilliantly as the inside. Any staging is done at this point of the listing. We canalso do virtual staging as well for vacant homes etc. 4. Lawn sign is ordered to go up either on list date or one day prior. 5. Typically we go live on MLS on Friday mornings - or midnight Thursday . This is to ensure zerodays on market for the Friday new listings - this is optimal for interest in weekend showings!6. Full colour, glossy professionally printed Property Brochures are dropped off at the home. Wealso provide buyers with a url on the listing, so they can tour the property in 3D, view floor plansand review all photos. 7. Neighborhood Postcards go into production for delivery (up to 1000 neighboring homes) .They will either be a Just Listed or a Open House postcard depending on the initial marketingplan agreed upon by listing agent and sellers. If it is an open house postcard usually we bookthose for two weeks after we are live on MLS. This gives buyers a second chance to view - oreven if we do have an offer pending. it helps to ensure we have backup interest in place. 8. All showings are communicated to you in the manner in which you choose most convenient.We follow up with every showing and provide feedback to you the next (business) day whenpossible. 9. Once a week you will get a summary of activity on the listing. These include stats on who hasbeen on the website, url links, and our local and stats. 10. In a balanced market, with consistent marketing, follow up and target pricing, we should beable to expect an offer within 30 days of the listing launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Sellers What are my closing costs?1. 2. When should I sell my home? 3. What happens if I receive more than one offer? 4. What should I disclose to buyers? 5. What is a subject to sale? How does it work - seller edition 6. What are the typical condition's on an offer? 7. When do I need to give my lawyer information to my Realtor/Mortgage Broker? 8. Should I always try to make my property available to show? 9. Why is the assessed value different than what you say my home is worth? 10. How many showings do I need to see before I can expect an offer? 11. Do I have to be present for an inspection and who pays for it? 12. After my home has sold when should I cancel utilities and home insurance? 13. How long does the listing agreement last? 14. What is the length of time a buyer needs to or should respond to my (counter) offer? 15. How frequently and by which methods do you communicate with your sellers? 16. How long do showings last and how much notice is given? 17. What is a Real Property Report and why do I need one? 18. What is Title Insurance? 19. What does Title Insurance NOT cover?

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Frequently Asked Questions:Sellers | Answers What are my closing costs?1.For your closing costs you will have legal fees, real estate fees, title insurance if applicable and a payout orrebate on your property taxes depending on how you pay them (monthly vs. yearly) and the date of closing. 2. When should I sell my home? June is the prettiest time of the year here in Edmonton. Particularly the first week of June - the lilacs andfruit trees are all in full bloom. May-August account for 40% of the years worth of sales on average.However - our best advice is the best time of year to move is when you need to. There will always be abuyer for a home well presented and priced at market. 3. What happens if I receive more than one offer? Congrats first off! If you receive more than one offer - you can pick the best one and work with that onefirst. Then you can accept a back up offer in the same manner. You CANNOT accept more than one offer, atthe same time but you can accept multiple back up offers. However if you receive multiple offers that allseem the same - you can - very delicately we might add go back to them and ask " If all apples are thesame - is there anyone looking to sweeten the pot?" At that point you'll most likely see a winner in the packthat you can work with - this is a rare instance - and a mighty fine one to be in if you are the seller! 4. What should I disclose to potential buyers?Disclose disclose disclose. Buyers know homes are not perfect. Buyers feel more confident going forwardwith a purchase knowing as much of the good the bad and the ugly about a home. When selling a home, it’simportant you disclose to potential buyers anything you are aware of in your home. Nobody likes “gettingthe raw end of a deal” when it comes to buying a home, car, or anything for that matter. If you’re aware ofdefects with a roof, appliance, or home in general, you’re always going to be better off being honest andupfront. If you’re aware of defects, whenever possible, fixing them before going on the market is best. Thiscan avoid potential issues and/or lawsuits once your home is under contract, after inspections, and evenyears after you have sold your home. 5. What is a subject to sale? How does it work - seller editionIf you accept an offer with a condition 'subject to sale' - you can still market your property for sale and evenaccept another offer- provided you give the first offer the first right of refusal to remove all of theirconditions within a 24-72hour time period. If that subject to sale buyer is unable to do so within that timeframe then that offer become void and the second offer take first position. 6. What are the typical condition's on an offer? Home Inspection and Finance and if a condo - Review of Condo Doc's. Typically the buyer will ask for tenbusiness days in order to complete their due diligence. 7. When do I need to give my lawyer information to my Agent/Mortgage Broker? As soon as possible - but no later than at the removal of all conditions of your home sale. Your agent willconvey the sale doc's to your lawyer and in turn your mortgage broker communicates with your lawyer fordischarge of any mortgages.

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Frequently Asked Questions:Sellers | Answers8. Should I always try to make my property available to show?Possibly the most important question here when selling. Yes yes and yes! We have seen opportunities loston the account of a home not being available that day and the buyer makes a decision on anotherproperty without making arrangements to try and view a previously unavailable home. So many times thishappens. We as agents see this all the time - home owners do not. So remember... this next showing couldbe the one! And remember to leave the outside lights on in the winter for evening showings. Invest in atimer for your inside and outside lights when selling particularly in the winter. 9. Why is the assessed value different than what you say my home is worth?Assessed value is not the same as market value or appraised value. There are many homes that could besold for significantly more than an assessed value and others that maybe sold for significantly less. Theassessed value of a home is used for the purpose of taxes in your local municipality. The assessed valueof a home is multiplied by the local mill or tax rate to determine your annual taxes. The assessed valuemay not have an impact on how much your home is worth to a potential buyer in the marketplace. 10. How many showings do I need to see before I can expect an offer?Typically we should see an offer after about 10-12 showings. If not - talk to your agent about a priceadjustment or change in presentation of the home. Homes well presented and priced should sell within 30days. 11. Do I have to be present for an inspection and who pays for it?The buyer pays for the inspection. They usually last 2-3hours on a single detached home and 1.5 hours on atownhouse and up to one hour for a apartment style condo. It would be highly recommend that you as theseller (s) NOT be present at the inspection. The buyer(s), their inspector(s) and their agent will be presentduring the inspection. 12. After my home has sold when should I cancel utilities and home insurance?To be safe, make it at least for one day after possession day, just in case there is a delay in possessionyour property will still be covered. 13.How long does the listing agreement last?For this question their is not a universal answer. When it comes to the length of a listing agreement, every agent will have a different preferred length. One thing to keep in mind when asking about the length of alisting agreement, is the average days on the market. If the average days on the market in your local realestate market are 75, a 90 day listing agreement may not be enough. 14. What is the length of time a buyer needs to or should respond to my (counter) offer?If there is not time limit set forth on the offer then a buyer agent should respond in a timely fashion,typically later that day or the next morning. 15. How frequently and by which methods do you communicate with your sellers? Typically once a week on general inquires and 24 hours hours after a showing, you will receive feedback.The method of communication is based on the preference of the seller(s).

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Frequently Asked Questions:Sellers | Answers16. How long do showings last and how much notice is given? Typically a first viewing on a single detached home will last about 25 minutes and a condo 15 minutes.Second showings can go half hour to an hour. Usually we are given 24hrs notice for most showings.Weekends tend to be more short notice - say 2-3 hours notice. 17. What is a Real Property Report and why do I need one? Our purchase contracts have a provision for the RPR. The RPR is often accompanied with a ComplianceLetter from the city or municipality. The RPR is a survey of the land and all of the buildings andstructures on it. It shows where all the boundaries and setbacks are located and whether or not theproperty complies with those boundaries and setbacks. A buyer and or their lender will want to see thisreport to ensure they are buying/mortgaging a property that complies with the city's or municipality'sguidelines. 18. What is Title Insurance?Title insurance protects a homeowner (buyer) from any issue with title that can cause loss. As a seller,you can offer Title Insurance to a buyer (if the buyer accepts ) in lieu of an up to date RPR withcompliance. The basic coverage is around $400. You as a seller may choose this route - speak to youragent if this is the right choice for your situation. 19. What does Title Insurance NOT cover? Title insurance will not cover issues that you caused, any native land claim, issues that arose after anew inspection or survey, environmental issues related to title, or any issue you knew about beforetaking possession of the home. Jennifer & Sheldon L I C E N S E D R E A L T O R S ®CALL T H E K ENNED Y S jen@teamkennedy.ca780.920.0709

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Congratulations!Selling your home is a majorundertaking. Great work oncompleting the sale successfully!As your Real Estate representatives, your best interestis at the heart of what we do. You can trust us torepresent you and guide you through this process soyou can have the best possible experience.w w w . t e a m k e n n e d y . c aJ E N N I F E R K E N N E D YM a n a g i n g B r o k e r7 8 0 . 9 2 0 . 0 7 0 9J e n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aS H E L D O N K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t7 8 0 . 5 5 4 . 4 4 9 6s h e l d o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aJ A C K S O N K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t4 0 3 . 8 2 6 . 1 9 2 6J a c k s o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c a

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TEAM KENNEDYSentinel Storage CentralSentinel Storage - West EndSouth Edmonton Storage VendorsTRUSTED HOME INSPECTORS Cabin to CastleBook On Line 780.487.7177www.cabintocastle.caTechnologic Inspections 789.499.7672Steve Pentyliukwww.technologicinspections.caMORTGAGES 780.710.0066Mortgage Alliance-Enrich MortgageGroup LAWYERS Ryan McKennawww.barrllp.comwww.jomhalawoffice.comBarr LLPJomha Law Office Tellal ( T.J. ) JomhaDon Massonwww.minsoslawyers.com780.701.3690780.429.9090780.466.1175HOME INSURANCE TD Insurancewww.tdinsurance.comAMA Insurancewww.ama.ab.ca1-866-361-23111-800-615-5897CLEANERS | Junk Removal Fussy Cleaning ServicesSunshine Junk Removalwww.fussycleaning.ca780.756.3877780.977.9678STORAGE www.sentinel.cawww.southedmontonstorage.com587-207-4867587-817-8373780-421-1111J E N N I F E R K E N N E D YM a n a g i n g B r o k e r7 8 0 . 9 2 0 . 0 7 0 9j e n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aS H E L D O N K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t7 8 0 . 5 5 4 . 4 4 9 6s h e l d o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aStefania Campbell-Fowler(CAD)stefania@enrichmortgage.caMinsos | Stewart |

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TEAM KENNEDY VendorsTRUSTED J E N N I F E R K E N N E D YM a n a g i n g b r o k e r7 8 0 . 9 2 0 . 0 7 0 9j e n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aMOVING UTILITY COMPANIES The Transport GuysGet Movers Edmontonwww.thetransportguys.cawww.canada.getmovers.ca780-200-29931-888-744-7090S H E L D O N K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t7 8 0 . 5 5 4 . 4 4 9 6s h e l d o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aDirect Energy - gasEpcor - power/water/gas/wasteAtco - power /gasEnmax EnergyCanada Post - Mail ForwardingShaw - Cable/Internet/ PhoneTelus- Cable/Internet/ Phone

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05 |We will present all offers to youand help you determine the bestcourse of action. You can chooseto either accept or counter-offer.The offer is not binding until bothparties come to an agreement. S H E L D O N & J E N N I F E R K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t | B r o k e r7 8 0 . 5 5 4 . 4 4 9 6 | 7 8 0 . 9 2 0 . 0 7 0 9s h e l d o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aj e n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aJ A C K S O N K E N N E D YR e a l E s t a t e A g e n t4 0 3 . 8 2 6 . 1 9 2 5j a c k s o n @ t e a m k e n n e d y . c aTHE SELLINGAs you prepare to sell your home, we have prepared this flyer that contains a simplified step-by-step visual process on how the selling process works. You can refer to thissheet throughout the process to guide you on the steps that you will go through from now to closing day. 01 |Get ReadyCall your Realtor® to do an initialwalk through of your home. Youragent will prepare a proposalincluding a comparative marketanalysis and suggested pricing.Finalize the Listing02 |We will review the proposal withyou and come to an agreement onterms and list price.03 |Launch Day We will develop a marketing plan foryour property; book photography,install signage and lock boxes. Yourlisting will then go LIVE on the MLS.04 |Show Your HomeHave your house prepared forshowings. Clean up the exterior &interior of your home. Fix anythingbroken. Be ready for a showingrequest at anytime.Negotiate OffersInspection 06 |The buyer will schedule the homeinspection and negotiate regardingany unforeseen defects found.Typically the seller is not homeduring the inspection which cantake 1-4 hours. 07 |Preparing for closing.We will ensure all lender & buyerrequirements are met before theclosing deadline. Your buyer mayschedule a final walkthroughbefore closing. 08 |Closing dayThe conveyancer will determinewhat fees are owed buy whom& prepare your final closingdocuments. They will ensure allfees are paid and the sellerreceives the money owed. Congratulations 09 |Congratulations on the sale of yourhome! Your REALTOR® will deliver your keys to the buyers between12(noon)-2pm on possession day.Time to start packing!

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